23 Dec 2013

And Then It May Slow Down….

I’ve been trying to locate a bit of yesterdays BBC news but with no joy. No surprise. No matter, you may have seen the bit talking about the terrible weather we could expect today anyway.

The bit that caught my attention was when the guy in the studio started asking a guy in a station - and why they always have to have another reporter ‘on location’ I’ve no idea - if the trains could be delayed or cancelled on the 23rd owing to the predicted bad weather; like he couldn’t figure that one out for himself and had to ask a guy in a station. The answer was wot grabbed my attention and wot I tried to find to ensure I done did hear it correctly despite writing it down as quick as wot I could at the time.

The guy in a station said there could be delays with some trains because when the weather’s good they can go fast but in bad weather they can only go as fast as the driver can see in front in case there’s something on the tracks. Only go as fast as the driver can see in front? Riiiight.

Now I’m betting that sounded pretty cool in the Chief Railway Station Correspondent’s head but, if it’d been me, out loud I’d a gone with something a tad more conventional like, they slow down in reduced visibility. Only go as fast as the driver can see in front? Nah, I’d a left that one in ma heeds recycle bin.

Back to my birthday, just two days too late, a lovely Barry Humphries quote from the radio this morning. “I’m  approaching seventy. Unfortunately, from the wrong direction.”

Quote;  G. K. Chesterton.

“The only way to be sure of catching a train is to miss the one before it.”

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