4 Dec 2013

And Then Ace Reporting….

As I passed by earlier I forgot to mention the wondrous bit of reportage picked up on TV this lunch time.

The guy was breathlessly reporting on that headline grabbing trial going on just now featuring that celeb Nigella Lawson.  Do you think that the very fact this trivia is headline grabbing could be  suggestive that something really, really scary may presently be ‘going down’ just off stage?

Anyhoo, our reporter stated that Nigella Lawson had said that she hadn’t used drugs this lunchtime.

Now, although you can never be sure of stuff where celebs are concerned, I’m hazarding a guess that the words  ‘this lunchtime’ should’ve been spoken between the ‘said’ and ‘that’ of the reporters report, right?  Isn’t that sad. And funny…..

Quote;  Sebastian Horsley.

“We can't all be stars because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as I go by.”


Caratacus said...

Ref. the fair Nigella's assertion reported by the BBC that she hadn't used drugs 'this lunchtime', I wonder how many of gelada baboons who hopped up and down in their seats in the Commons between 12 and 12.30 could say the same, hand on heart? Or at the BBC for that matter ...

How I would love to see regular mandatory drug testing for all Whitehall employees, from the 650 expense-miners to the mandarins and their acolytes. But then, as the Memsahib has observed in the past, I can be an unforgiving something or other at times.

Mac said...

Mandatory drug testing of our exalted 650 would be spot on. Let's include alcohol levels in there. But how could that be done? Oh, right; let's keep it 'in house', 10 of the 650 would be seconded to be the random testers of the other 640. That’d work.....