15 Sep 2013

And Then A Trolley Good Idea….

Still stuffing but the stuff to do list, I have an App don't ya know, is getting down now.

Anyhoo, what's happening out there? Apart from winter approaching at speed, we have these good people trying to help Backfoot O'barmy with the next war and I'm guessing Robust Dave is still itching, with twitching fingers, to push that big red button while spending money faster than and to a greater amount than young Georg can borrow it. We are also informed that climate change isn't going to be quite as bad as previously expected and thus we're suffering huge energy bills for no apparent reason. Oh, wait a minute! Money's going somewhere, right?

And despite all this mayhem the Lib Dems conference centre piece is to make us pay for supermarket plastic bags…… And here's me thinking the headline item was going to be introducing legislation to remove Value Added Tax from sandals.

Back to plastic bags for a moment. You spot an opening here? Any entrepreneurs out there? No? never mind, it's not too important what country you're from. 

You ever see those plastic storage boxes that are always for sale at, and piled high just outside, all those pound shop lookin' places?
So this is what the plastic box making folk need to do. Take the average dimensions of your typical supermarket trolley and make a box set to fit the trolley dimensions.  A little wriggle room all round for hand grip and you're good to go.  A two or three box set, right?

Off to supermarket, take boxes out of car boot and slot into shopping trolley. Full shop ahead! Big shop? Take all three; big boy for tins and packages; middle guy for frozen and chilled leaving the trolley pointy end small guy for vegetables – assuming you buy veg. As previously pointed out, battered onion rings has that covered for me. Although I do take a pea from time to time…..  

Arrive at the check-out, unload goods onto conveyor and into pool of spilled tomato ketchup. At the other end load shopping back into trolley boxes, push trolley to car and lift ready boxed shopping into car boot and Robert's your mothers brother!! JD!!

Upside? The boxes are yours so some phoney charity isn't going to get five pence every time you buy a bag.

What's that? Big shopping bags work almost the same? Oh. No need to add that to my Stuff-To-Do App then.

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“A shopping cart flipped upside down forms a cage that I use to protect myself from consumerism.”

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