20 Sep 2013

And Then A Bug….

Doing stuff was cancelled a good few days ago as her indoors left a window open and influenza. Man, I feel like I've been repeatedly hit round the head with a wet sandbag – and she looks like she's been similarly smote. 

We do need to try movement some day soon though before we're both totally consumed with self pity and/or the sofa. On the other hand, we've caught-up with daytime TV and  the Liberal Democrat conference. Our verdict on the TV offerings? Sponge Bob Square Pants was tops for entertainment by a long shot.

As for the Lib Dem conference, from the little I watched, it seems, once again, the hall was booked, hotel rooms were booked and travel arrangements arranged and only when they were all assembled did they realise that, once more, they had nothing, absolutely nothing to say. Just a few days away then – at their own expense, right? 

Is there an upside to being a sofa dweller? Sure there is. After an advert for I can remember not what for, I went on the hunt and finally found this by, yup, you guessed it, Vampire Weekend which goes by the obvious title of 'Obvious Bicycle.' Don't let that scare you; it's very pleasant easy listening and there's even a line for those Liberal Democrats as they wend their way home – assuming there's one who can figure it out;
Because no one's gonna' spare the time for you. Why don't you spare the world a traitor,
Take your wager back and leave before you lose.

Quote;  Seth Meyers.

"Surgeons from Johns Hopkins University Hospital successfully performed the first-ever 6-way kidney transplant last Saturday. Disturbingly, all 6 patients had only gone in for flu shots."


A K Haart said...

"all 6 patients had only gone in for flu shots."

I go to Asda for mine, they know what they are doing - and it's cheap.

Caratacus said...

Flu shots?? (makes sign of cross with forefingers); Aconite C30 does it for me. If I must take poison, homoeopathic strength seems about right ;-)

Mac said...

Mr Haart,
Asda - as does her indoors. Me? I'll post a little about shots this evening.

I usually take lemon juice with just a hint of alcohol. Hang on!! I do believe I got that the wrong way round...