31 Jul 2013

And Then The Very last 7 Word....

While you’re reading this, and to keep boredom at bay, click the link below and listen along while you read along. Sorry, no bouncy ball. Man, you remember this? I do, vaguely, but the name Goombay Dance Band didn’t mean a thing. You want another one?

Music going? Sitting comfortably? Okay, I’ll begin. This, I promise, is the absolute very final last word on the Nexus 7 charger saga.

When I posted the last, very last words on the charging of the little guy, I noted that it had started loading up almost ‘as new’. I later found that over a period of about a week the charge rate dropped off again until, for a charging period of an hour, the charge rate indicated zero.

What I did was remove the back as before. Now, according to the Web-a-net, some folk remove the back by slowly working round it with a finger nail. This seems a bit girly to me and I continue to use my tools of preference for delicate work, upped a tad to a thirty-six inch crowbar tapped home with a two pound lump hammer.

Now all I do is disconnect the battery, reconnect and away you go again. One last wrinkle to this seems to be as follows. After disconnecting the battery I walk away. I do other stuff. This is obviously nonsense, but, for me, if I leave it disconnected for fifteen or even thirty minutes, the faster it’ll charge when glued back together. And I use the word ‘glued’ in it’s literal sense, by the way.

Using Windows 8? If so, you may be interested in putting a ‘Shutdown’ button on your desktop. If you’re not interested, see you later. Buby.

I lifted the destructions below from here...

1. Go to your desktop.
2. Right click - new - create a new shortcut.
3. Type this into the blank box that’s begging to be typed in;
shutdown /s /t 0
{There are spaces in there and the last character is zero. Blue colour isn’t important.....}

Next, give it a name then right click the new icon and go - properties - change icon and, well, change the icon picture.
Mine is the little guy hard left on the Task Bar.
{The other fellows are my True Launch Bar menus. You can find True Launch here if you’re interested.}
Nexus addendum; Just been hit with an Android Jellybean update to 4.3 so this may not be the last word. I’ll see if this update secretly addresses any charging issues.

As for this quote; aint that the truth!

Quote; Harriet Van Horne.

“There are days when any electrical appliance in the house, including the vacuum cleaner, seems to offer more entertainment possibilities than the television set.”


Ripper said...

You can create a restart icon too, using the same command with slightly different parameters, ie.

shutdown /r /t 0

s = shut down
r = restart
t = time delay (0 means immediately)

Mac said...

Thanks for that my friend.
Windows 8? I learn to like it a little more each day. and it's fun figuring all this stuff out.