28 Jul 2013

And Then, Muddled Models....

Mr Davey, or may I call you Crazy? How ya doin’? Having a good weekend? Want something to read in your wattle and daub abode? Here’s something then, although I guess you’ll need to get a friend to print it for you.

You know all that settled science and the data you’re betting the bank, or at least our banks, on? Check this out over at The Devils Knife and also at Watts Up With That. Computer models not quite right? Who’d a guessed that then? Basically, it seems there’s not much advance from the old arts and witchcraft.

Looking on the bright side, your bright side as I’m sure you and your ilk are well up to speed on this beauty, it’s interesting to see that Spain is planning to tax sunlight. What a stonkingly good idea eh Davey? Let’s face it, it’s no more goony than any other ideas the ‘it’s getting hotter, and it’s all our, sorry, your fault’ lot has had is it?

Finally, a little fun from way back that I ran into while pointlessly clicking through YouTube. Farmers Daughters. Relax, no Foggy warning needed. Although......

Quote; Morris West.

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine.”

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