23 Jun 2013

And Then He’s Done A Runner….

Nothing to do with the heading and everything to do with height.  

There was a TV program running last week showing life behind the scenes at Heathrow. All I caught of this series was the last five minutes or so of the last episode.  This had the twenty something lady reporter joining the fire-fighters.

Upon viewing the rescue cherry-picker, for a cherry-picker wozz basically wot it wozz, the lady reporter asked the fire guy how high it could go. He told her 45 meters to which the BBC ace reporter responded breathlessly, “Oh wow!! 45 meters! How high’s that then?”  I desperately wanted the fire guy to respond, “You’re kidding, right?” but it wasn’t to be. So there you go; the young ladies degree, with honours, in the care and maintenance of hamster wheels wasn’t a waste of time. With documentary reporting of this calibre, it’s hard to begrudge the exorbitant TV licence fee.

Then, just now, I picked up a few words which I loved. Reporter; “Are you afraid of heights?” 
“No, I’m not afraid of heights at all. I’m afraid of falling.”

And so to super spy Snowden. Seems he’s snowed ‘em. If I get the news right, the cousins knew this guy was in Hong Kong, which hotel he was in, which room and most likely what he has for breakfast. As they really want to get their hands on this guy, they formally asked the Hong Kongians if they could, please, have him back.

The Hong Kongians responded by informing the cousins that a word was misspelled in their official written request so they couldn’t act on it. Oh, and by the way, he’s not here now anyway.  He’s on his way to Moscow, then onward to Cuba and ultimately destined to disembark in Venezuela Ecuador.  Have a nice day. 

Think about that.  The guy who’s snitching about Prism, supposedly the most amazing spy thingy ever, that can listen in to any phone call, read any e-mail, can monitor any mainframe anywhere, any time and basically knows where everyone is all the time, in conjunction with GCHQ who are, allegedly, tapping into fiber optic cables at will, didn’t spot the most wanted bad boy in the world buying multiple flight tickets, cunningly using the name Snowden, requesting an isle seat and vegetarian in-flight meals? 

Come on Mr Obarmy, admit it, Prism doesn’t exist does it? And GCHQ's just random letters of the alphabet. It’s all just an idea you picked up from watching Person Of Interest, right? Your Prism’s just a big empty room with locked doors marked;

The All Listening, All Reading, All Seeing Super Spy Thingy.
Then all you had to do was wait for a few paranoid people to pass by the door, read the door then start the rumours and get everyone terrified again, right? And Mr Snowden’s just on a world jolly with future publishing and film deals in the offing.

If this was a movie script for a third rate thriller, it wouldn’t get past the first reading.

Quote;  William Stephenson.

“This is the wonderful thing about espionage, nothing exists any more.”

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