3 May 2013

And Then, A Result….

Election results today and, I have to confess, by mid morning I’d had all the, “Well, I think……” I could take.  In fact I counted 450 of ‘em early doors.  Just in the weather report…..

Yo! Dave! How’s them fruitcakes, clowns* and closet-racers working out for you now? What’s a closet-racer by the way?  Oh, here we go; “Well look, it’s no good insulting a political party that people have chosen to vote for.”  

When nursey wakes you up after your afternoon nap, before you tuck into your boiled egg and toasty soldiers, you may spot a problem with that statement.  See the snag yet Dave?  Yup, you already did done gone and said it.  Remember?  You understand now how many folk you managed to insult you rascal?  No?  Hay, ho. 

By the by, what’s this protest vote the main parties keep talking about?  If that party has those ideas and this party has these ideas and you, as a voter, prefer these ideas of this party over those ideas of that party, you’ll vote for this not that, right?  That’s voting for what you’d like, right?  Where’s the ‘protest’ in that then?

*Okay, okay. It was some other old dude who used the ‘clown’ word.

Quote;  George Eliot.

“An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.”

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