3 Apr 2013

And Then We Have Sun….

Upon rising this AM I was greeted with the sun shining brightly from a clear blue sky. Initially, this was a little scary as it seems like the first time I’ve seen Big Shiny since sometime early August 2010. 

You reckon that Joojoo Man who declared, a few years ago, that snow would become really, really rare said ‘snow’ but meant ‘sun’?  If so, and he meant to say ‘sun’ he could be a little less of a nut-job than he appears to be having said ‘snow’.

Anyhoo, we decided to take advantage of this natural power source and as we had sun and a stiffish breeze and being ever conscious of our carbon footprint, after doing the laundry we hung the washing outside to dry.

After an hour or so I excitedly checked the drying progress, as you do, and to my surprise found everything hanging there as stiff as a board.

It transpired that of the natural ingredients required for successful outdoor cloths drying we had two, sun and a breeze. Sadly, we were so mesmerised by the sight of sunshine, we forgot the third vital ingredient.

This leads neatly to a top Foggy tip for outdoor cloths drying; To get stuff dry outdoors rain is bad, a breeze is good, the sun is gooder, but the most important ingredient is the temperature. To give yourself the best possible chance of successful drying this needs to be, at the very least, a tad above freezing point and not nothing nohow below. 

Yup, it was sunny but, apparently, below the magic drying number thus I spent the remainder of the morning beating ice out of the washing, with a moderately heavy hammer, so as to facilitate cramming it into the dryer. You know what you can do with that carbon footprint stuff don’t you? Yup, you’re spot on.

So there you go, ol’ Big Shiny showing don’t necessarily mean he’s warming stuff up. It’s cold and it maybe spring but the sucker aint sprung yet.

Quote; Mark Twain.

“In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.”

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