25 Apr 2013

And Then A Change….

You’re probably wondering why I asked you all here today. Well, what I need are some suggestions to perk-up The Foggy Mirror.  I’m open to all suggestions and ideas so the floor’s yours.

Right, let’s start.  Yes, you at the back.  No, the other you at the back.  Okay, I’ll put that up on the board – delete whole site.  Well, it would give Google a little disc space back I guess.  Do they need it?

Anyone else?  Get a what?  A ghost writer?  So’s all the words get put in the right order so stuff makes a little sense? I’ll put GHOST on the board then, but, spookily, I have tried channelling before with absolutely no success. I’ve also, years ago, tried that squeegee board game with the same success rate.  Say what?  I’ll be damned. So THAT’S what a ghost writer is then. That’s a good idea, but remember I’m on a fixed income here and was really looking for free stuff.

Any more?  Yes?  Put the site behind a pay-wall?  Remember what I just said; I’m on a fixed income so would be very limited as to how much I could pay people who visit.  Sorry, speak up; it works what?  It works the other way round?  You’re kidding me!  You want people to pay to read this?  If I suggested that I may as well go back to the first idea – delete site, right?

Is that it then?  Well, in that case, thank you for all your suggestions and ideas but I’m going to totally ignore them all, and you all, and do exactly as I want. {Note to self; stop talking like a politician.}

You want to hear my idea?  I’m not opening the door ‘till you do, so just sit back down and pay attention.

I bet people who visit a blog very rarely go backwards through it thus new visitors, hay, it could happen, will miss some stuff they may have liked which, coincidentally, is stuff I like.

As a stop-gap I’m putting another linkinator looking thingy over on the left called,  Some Of My Favourite Stuff Glued Here, wherein I’ll slowly glue bits of stuff from before for clicking on  and, hopefully, enjoying.

Here’s an example of stuff that possibly won’t be featured over left the way.  Man, did we enjoy this?  At the time, sure did, but I had no idea there actually was a whistlin’ guy! How ya’ doin’ Jack? As one commenter at YouTube so succinctly put it, “How bloody annoying is this tune, bet he couldn't whistle like that with his teeth down his neck!!!”

How old do you good folk feel now then?  How embarrassed do you feel for Jack Smith now then?

Anyhoo, give me time and I hope to link the media bits with the post they appeared in rather than whizzing guests off to YouTube. In fact, as it’s darts night on TV, and my little nest of vipers do like to watch that, I may make a start tonight so if you visit and bump into an old man stumbling, bumbling and mumbling to himself, don’t be alarmed, it’ll be me.  Stop by and say ‘Hi’ why don’t you.  Just be sure to approach me from the front.

Thanks for all your help.  You can go home now.  Yo!!  Wake up!!  Go home!!

Quote;  Fred Allen.

“A committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but who, as a group, can meet and decide that nothing can be done.”

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