2 Feb 2013

And Then They Went Missing....

Funnily, just a couple of days after that windmill fell over in a savage 50 MPH gusty breeze, to which story one of my points was wot's below;

Installed by renewable energy company Dulas it was supposed to have a life expectancy of 25 years. They noted that “wind speeds are part of our root-cause investigation”.
Three years out of twenty five ain’t bad. I repeat, 50 MPH? Gusts? It’s a windmill, designed for the UK, right? And now, and only now, they’re going to investigating the effect of wind speeds? On a windmill!! Me? I’d be looking for an anti-windmill guy with a torque wrench.

The relevant bit is the last bit that’s in that funny looking leany forward typing and, lo and behold, Look what pops up in the news today; {Another piece of writing wonderment hurriedly glued together, possibly by a pre-schooler, probably on a cell phone. The majority of the comments are quite ‘grown-up’ all the same.}

An investigation into the collapse of the first turbine in Bradworthy, Devon, during a 50mph gale last weekend has revealed that bolts are missing from its base.
The turbine was initially thought to have been brought down by the wind, despite being designed to withstand winds of up to 116mph, but the new evidence could suggest a case of foul play, councillors said.
You know what? Would that not be a wonderful, ‘Not our fault buddy’ line for the manufacturers eh? What to do with that ol’ warranty now then? Better check it out right quick boys and see if you can find any reference to the magic word ‘sabotage’ way down there among the small print. Not there? Bummer.

Several scenarios spring to this simpletons mind;
The builders were running out of time, and time being money, head guy got his fellows to just put 50% of the bolts in, declared she’d be right, and got the cash register ringing, then forgot to return to install the other 50%.
Or, one fellow was indeed dispatched to install the remaining bolts, found he was short o’ bolts, decided she’d be right, and went home.

As for the possible saboteur, I’m sure they wouldn’t scamper out there with their torque wrench, in a gale of wind, start loosening bolts, think to themselves, “I can use some of these at home” and pocket a bunch of really big bolts. No, a saboteur would look at the weather forecast, pick a time prior to a period of high winds, take a turn out of all, or just the down-wind bolts and let nature take its course.

So where are the missing bolts?

I really do hope the designers didn’t get the ‘hay, that’s a plan; let’s blame sabotage’ idea from this sad little Blog....

I really do hope someone, somewhere doesn’t think, “He knows too much.” If I don’t roll up here again, you’ll know the black helicopters have whisked me away....

As a comment suggests below the news{?} article, this could be a fine opportunity for Green Peace - guarding windmills. The sad downside to this would be the new TV adverts from them begging us, that’s what they do, beg, for just £2 a month you can adopt a windmill bolt. For an extra £1 a month you’ll also be able to adopt two washers and a nut.....

Quote; Khalil Gibran.

“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.“

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