2 Jan 2013

And Then A Little Follow-up….

While reading the good Captains blog this evening, yup, I can do that with this little lap sitting sucker now, the paragraph copied below struck a chord from a goodly while ago so thought it was time to give it another airing. 

I don’t offer this up as a charity pitch what-so-ever.  My own charity activity starts and stops when I slip some Big Issue seller a quid and, charitably, tell them to keep the book. No, I offer it up to give some idea that, however bad we may perceive our lot to be, as the Captain says, it really aint that shabby really.

Reality is understanding that we are a wealthy nation. Having traveled extensively to third world countries I know the difference between real poverty and the perceived notion of poverty we delude ourselves with here. Not many people starve to death here. There is a system in place to help those in shitty circumstances and we (taxpayers) chip in for that safety net. Emergency housing is made available, emergency payments can be made, and medical help is on tap. All of these things are, inevitably, abused, but that is a fact of life. If you have a home, with electricity and running water, you are in a remarkably good position. Billions around the world have no such luxury.

Quote;  John D. Rockerfeller.

“Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.”


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks for the link.

I could have detailed it even more but cut it short instead.

Poverty in Britain in 2013 means only having one 40" plasma, 2 x iPhones and only one 4 x 4 in the drive. We have some growing up to do.

Be well,


Mac said...

My pleasure Captain. More than happy to pass the word. And your words definitely need passing along.

Take care Sir.