27 Dec 2012

And Then It’s Over….

That’s it then for another year.  Did you get the gift you really wanted, or the socks you kind of expected?  Did the turkey look as good as the ones in the TV adverts or just like a very big chicken?  Did it taste as good as the ones in the adverts look like they should, or kind of stringy and bland?  Did you get better TV programs for the Christmas period than we did, or were they just as dire?  Wall to wall repeats?  Then, when you found something new, it was so dire as to be double dire.  Officially, East Enders came top of the TV ratings which kind of says it all.  And kind of says it all about the population.

What next?  The blessed month of January.  

As you sit contemplating your tax return task, contemplating your hands on your keyboard or twiddling your thumbs, you may become aware of a sensation akin to another hand rummaging in your pockets.  Don’t be too alarmed – it’s just the cold, dead hand of the government searching for any loose change you haven’t declared and attempted to secrete about the voluminous folds of your outer garments to use for food and heat or, if you’re lucky, just to spend frivolously.

If it was to be used frivolously, just give in and let the government have it.  You may think you do frivioulus well but let’s be honest, we’re all rank armatures compared to the government. As we all know, governments of all colours, shapes and sizes are the masters of the frivolous.  They’re all just a bunch of lying, scheming, wasteful firvolers. 

Quote;  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“For every benefit you receive a tax is levied.”

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