31 Dec 2012

And Then I Clicked On ‘Advanced Help’….

I mentioned the other day that the laptop wouldn’t start.  Well, it got worse.  After spending some time at the little beast I finally got to the advanced state where it wouldn’t start.  You paying attention?

The next day it started but spun on the blue, sadly named,  ‘welcome’ screen for ever.  Well, not for ever, there hasn’t been forever yet, but a jolly long time all the same.  You Mayans paying attention?

At this point, please remember what I’ve stated before; I’m to computers as a kitten is to a ball of knitting wool.

No end of tinkering, restoring, restarting, scanning or tapping {For ‘tapping’ read ‘hitting’.} would get him running as it should.  Oh, and the wireless connection steadfastly refused to become a connection of any description.
What to do. Shiny shopping is what to do.  And do it I did and rolled up back with what I got.  What did I get?  An ultra book is what I done got.  Running, if that’s the right term, Windows 8.  

What’s probably springing into your minds right about now is something along the lines of full decks and dealing.  Day one it was sure uppermost in my mind.  Day two pretty much the same.  Day three, I believe I’ll give it a while longer.  Day five and I’m getting there and do believe it’ll be pretty good.  It’s just that old dog – new tricks stuff.

One interesting by-the-by; I found I couldn’t contact the outside world.  I later found it was one of those, ‘don’t press that key combination whatever you do’ mistakes.  Anyhoo, while trying to resolve the problem, me and Windows 8 ran the ol’ trouble-shooting thingy which reported back saying there were no problems.  It also provided a link to Advanced Help.

This being what’s-it 8 and, you’d assume, super tech and self healing, I gave the Advanced link a try.

You know what was top of the list of further things to try to resolve the problem?  Have you any idea what it could be? Remember this is super tech Windows 8, right?  Shall I tell y’all what the first option was?  “Ask A Friend”. 

On the upside, it’s been perfect{?} weather, cold, dark and wet, to be doing battle with the beast in the machine.  On the downside, there’s her indoors, further down the sofa, tutting and muttering about another waste of money.

Quote;  Joseph Campbell.

“Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.”

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