23 Dec 2012

And Then An Error Of Judgement….

So off we went on a beautifully sunny day to check out the bargains at a country market.

We got there but were a tad suspicious at the emptiness of the car park.  Never mind.  With the sun still shining brightly, the car thermometer showing a not too shabby 9 deg. C and what looked like a light breeze, we stepped out of the car.  We stepped out into what was more of a stiff breeze than a light breeze.  

What hadn't been apparent with this breeze, stiff or otherwise, while sitting in the cosy car, was the fact the it was coming straight out of Russia.  Cold?  Very.  This resulted in a dash round a depleted, deserted country market and back to the comfort of the car.  Man, it was raw.

Back in town, her indoors requested a quick stop at a supermarket and this time the car park was ram-jam full.  A clue to what lay before us you would correctly guess.

Not much wanted and half way through the basket filling she glanced down an isle and said, "You see all those people?  You know what they be doing?"
Not wishing to appear stupid, us being in a big shop an' all, I took a stab at, "Shopping?"
"You stupid?  They be queuing at the check-out."

And so it was.  At every check-out the queue was from the till to the back of the superstore and, looking at the trolleys, they won't need to go shopping again 'till this time next year.  

I looked at our meagre basket load, looked at her and, hoping for a bit of revenge after getting my question wrong, said, "You know what we're going to do now?"
She instantly replied, "Put everything back on the shelves and go home?"
"You stup….. Oh.  Right.  Let's do that then."

Do that we did and departed at the double.

Upon arriving home, feet up the fire, the laptop wouldn't start………

Quote;  Sylvan N. Goldman.

“The customers had a tendency to stop shopping when the baskets became too full or too heavy."

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