3 Nov 2012

And Then There Was A Sub….

Hay, sorry, I forgot this irritant.

Person/persons escaping, on  foot, from bad people.  Bad people get in car to chase escaping person/persons.  Escaping person/persons see bad people careering towards them in car.  Escaping person/persons run for their lives continually looking over their shoulders at rapidly approaching car.  Where do they run?  Right down the middle of the damn road with nary a hint of left, into forest, or right, into buildings…….  Really, this doesn’t add to my excitement quota one iota, but most surely adds to my old mans irritabilityness.  Her indoors? Just laughs. “Lelax.  Ony mouie.  Not Wreal.”  and under her breath, “Stupid man."

To those of you who’ve never paid any particular attention to this or the previous irritants before, but now find you’re waiting and looking for one, rather than enjoying the movie – sorry.  Lots of ‘em out there though isn’t there?  Once you start noticing. 
{Note to self; need to keep looking for a proper hobby.  Fly fishing again?  I feel it’s been too long.  Anyway, remember the last time I tried to cast a large dry fly?  Remember me casting line out, whipping the rod back and forth with great  determination and even greater frenzy?  The way I had that barbed hook whizzing around in all directions?  Remember?  Let’s be honest, there’s absolutely no way they’re going to let me back in that pub again.}

Okay, moving right along, what’s with the ‘sub’ from the title of this post then?  This is what then.  

I was watching the TV news the other day and the subject of Trident missiles and their underwater launching boats was the top topic.  For the topic, a well dressed young buck reporter was jetted from Scotland to England to Westminster and back to Scotland giving a far from balanced view of the subject – that’s to be expected and will doubtless lead you to say, ‘So?’.  So the word submarine was used by said buck reporter at least ten times through his report and again I here you say, ‘So?’. So the word he actually used was sumarine.  Sumarine?  First utterance, I thought, oh, oh, big mistake.  Second utterance, I thought, not unreasonably, that’s twice.  As the sumarines kept rolling of his tongue, I thought, oh boy, that really is a tad sad.  Sadder yet as it was a filmed report so obviously available for editing before showing.

What’s my problem?  Firstly it’s sloppy, secondly, knowing how huge swathes of the population believe absolutely everything they see and hear on TV, there'll now be huge swathes of the population thinking, ‘You know what?  I’ve been, like, saying that sumarine word wrong for, like, ever!!  I wonder why I thought there should be, like, a ‘B’ innit?’
TV reporting?  Don’t ya just hate it?  The Saturday clip is so spot-on it’s, well, spot on.  I may have popped it on here before but never mind, it’s worth another look.  However, before you click away with gay abandon, I must draw your attention to the Foggy naughty word warning.  Only one, once, but if you’re very easily offended, I suggest you skip it and go back to browsing eBay, okay?

Quote;  Karl Kraus.

“If the reporter has killed our imagination with his truth, he threatens our life with his lies.”

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