1 Nov 2012

And Then A Crashing Comet….

Firstly, another irritant and I know it’s done for the purposes of excitement; a sort of, ‘Look out!!  He’s behind you!!’.  

So, right at the end of the movie, there’s this heroin squealing for her life and running around in a vain attempt to escape the evil villain.  Villain catches heroin and prepares to top heroin.  With seconds to spare, hero enters and commences a long complex fight with villain.  Hero finally decks villain. 

Immediately after said decking, hero turns back on decked villain and rushes to hug heroin, move hair behind her ear and enquire after her wellbeing.  

Villain comes round, magically locates a handy length of four by four and off we go again until heroin finally has the whit to retrieve dropped gun and, at the veerry last second, as the hero gets an all-mighty hammering, pops a cap in the villains swede.  

More hugs, move hair behind ear, dab minute spot of blood from hero’s nose.  Here distant sirens as police finally roll up the road.  Roll credits.  Sit and think; ‘Man, did I just watch all of that?’.

Come on!!  What’s the first rule of dirty fighting if you get to knock ‘em down?  They’re down okay?  Never mind, knock ‘em down again, and, if necessary, knock ‘em down again to ensure their knocked down position is maintained for an extended period.  Oh, and I still wouldn’t recommend turning your back on 'em.  Oh, and pick that damn gun up right now! Sorry, probably just me being picky again.

Now for this.  As I awoke to another grey November day, actually the first grey November day, this being the first day of November - hang on a minute.  Why not just say another grey day?  Anything else, including this, is just writing something for the sake of writing, write?  Oops. Right?  And what’s the deal with ‘grey’ and ‘gray’ then Mr know-it-all spell chequer?  I guess ‘gray’ was introduced by a US citizen, to differentiate between the colour and an experience,  to describe the UK and the inhabitants thereof after a brief visit.

Anyhoo, I noted in the on-line Tubbygraph of the impending demise of that high street and out of town retail park bastion of white goods, electric kettles, toasters and customer complaints; Comet.

What helped to ease me into the grey day with a smile was the last, priceless, early morning comment;

Quote;   Elayne Boosler.

“When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking.”

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