16 Nov 2012

And Then A Sick Note….

I be here and, oh, joy of joys, so's the breakfast guy.  He obviously knew I was in as the first breakfast-fest contained a couple of my all time favourite culinary delights, underdone, almost white chicken sausages floating in tepid water and the ever popular beef bacon……

After that fine repast jet lag was soon forgotten to be replaced with a feeling of total wipe out.  I checked in the mirror and all looked as it should be but I had this uncanny feeling I was in possession of someone else's over stuffed, over active yet comfortably numb head.  This feeling is obviously down to jet-lag and possibly the large amount of wine, washed down with fourteen cognacs and coffees, consumed during the flight.

The day finally drew to a close as they always do – it's something to do with time an' physics an' stuff which I won't bore you with here.  Other than to point you towards this which now tells me time doesn't exist.  Here's a tantalizing snippet to get you excitedly clicking on that ol' link, “One finds that time just disappears from the Wheeler-DeWitt equation” “……It is an issue that many theorists have puzzled about……"  Ain't that the truth!

You just know what's coming once the lawyers get hold of that nugget of information eh? "Have you recently been sold a wrist watch or alarm clock without being told time doesn't even exist?  We can help you claim your cash back.  Call now or log onto 'Time Bandits. con' for our no win but still a hefty free fee service.  It's not too late to claim, but hurry before time runs out!!  Oh, wait a minute.  Damn, that won't work either."

Man, I'll be glad when whoever's got my head returns it.  Maybe it's still going round the baggage carousel?

On reflection, I should've wolfed down my breakfast of wonder and then dispatched a messenger with a sick note. {Mmmmm. Wolfburgers……}

Quote;  George Carlin.

"What does it mean to pre-board? Do you get on before you get on?"

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