23 Nov 2012

And Then Crime In The Big House….

I be back and let me tell ya, that was a blue do as far as sleep went.  That ol' jet lag got a grip with locked jaws this time and I doubt I got more than twelve hours sleep the entire week I was away.

Never mind, I survived, as can be determined by the fact I'm typing this.  Helpful words?  Not as helpful as the TV weather man today who stated the rain later won't be as heavy as yesterday but will be more prolonged, "…..and that means it'll be raining for longer than yesterday."  Hay, it's daytime TV,  why didn't he just say "…It'll be more longer."  Or even longerer.

I then chanced to read Mr Carswell.  I didn't get far before my imagination was all a whirl.  Although I comment on Blogs very rarely, I was hot to trot.  Sadly, but not surprisingly, way down the comments, I'd been beaten to it.

Mr Carswell;
"This coming Tuesday, I've managed to secure a Parliamentary debate about knife crime in Westminster Hall."
"If knife crime is so bad in Westminster Hall surely security searches at the entrances would solve the problem."

I'll be sleeping for a week so below is a James Gregory clip for fellow flyers.  And remember, when jet lagged and you can't drink any more, YouTube is your friend.
Quote;  Audrey Kitching.

"I think I'm still jet lagged from daylight savings ..."

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