22 Sep 2012

And Then Some Changes….

I remember some time ago Blogger changed their main page.  Happily, they provided the ability to continue using, what software people like to call, the classic view.

Last night the classic view wuzz gone to be replaced by, what the young bucks like to call, a slick, clean, minimalist user interface.  And what us old sods would call; Where's everything gone then?  True, nothing stays the same but I wish there was some way of making it so once you reach a certain age.  A sort of opt in or opt out of change sort of thing.

No wonder the hospitals are full of poor old folk who've supposedly lost the plot.  Have they actually lost the plot or where they really still playing the game of life but it's just that they needed longer to get a grip of the plot, sort out their next move, ran out of time, the other players moved on and so they missed their move.  As any gamer knows, there's only so many times you can miss a move before you're thrown off the board, right?

Never mind, back to Blogger.  If Foggy formatting frequently falls flat on its face 'till I get the hang, again, of the new user interface, I apologise.   See? There I go again, presumptuously assuming there's someone at the other end of this keyboard to apologise to.

While on the subject of Blogger, there seems to be a bit of religious stuff going down just now, with some folk kicking off 'couse of cartoons an' movies an' such, so I thought I'd briefly join in.  Then I thought, nah, the quote at the end says it all for me.

Hope you enjoy the song this Saturday.  You could almost make the link {pun} between the words and life in this country of ours, or theirs, couldn't you?

I almost forgot. If you haven't, unlikely, you really must read thisThere follows a taster;
"This sort of condescending claptrap is, I suspect, merely a step on from those notices one sees everywhere that clearly assume we all have the mental age of a three-week old kangaroo joey. ‘Warning very hot water may contain nuts use extreme care not tripping over yellow cone that says warning wet floor but beware automatic door containing see-through glass made in factory next door to Nabisco may contain wheat allergen traces’."
How true is that then?

Quote;  Douglas Adams.

"He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife."

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