5 Sep 2012

And Then I Tried To See Far Away….

First of all, sadly, the Blog Obituaries;
Farewell Captain Ranty**. Farewell for now. You'll be missed and you'll be back.
Farewell to The Talking Clock. Farewell for now. You'll be missed and you'll be back.

** Please go back to the good Captains site, read the guest post and sign the proffered petition.

Right, back to the usual rubbish here.

Whilst meandering round the shelves of one of they cheap supermarkets I spotted, very colourfully boxed, a pair of pocket binoculars, X12, for a very slack two handfuls of Pounds. Instant reaction? Man, that's a giveaway! Couple of minutes of reasoned thought reaction? Man, they're going to be rubbish!

Not to be outsmarted or thwarted by reasoned thought, I bought a pair. Perfect to throw in the glove box of the car for those times you need to see far away. At traffic junctions, motorway direction signs, roundabouts an' such.

Once home I excitedly un-packaged the binoculars from the colourful box, the value of which was probably marginally more than the contents, and skipped into the garden to give 'em a go.

As earlier reasoned thought suggested, they're total rubbish. They really are rubbish, I mean stuff looks far, far closer without them! How can that be? Oh, wait a minute, before I bin 'em, let's try looking down the other end. Hay that's, like, soooo much better and, for pennies, for occasional use, they aint too bad after all, although I still feel the colourful box is of greater value.

Quote; Roger Tory Peterson.

"I consider myself to have been the bridge between the shotgun and the binoculars in bird watching. Before I came along, the primary way to observe birds was to shoot them and stuff them."


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mac!!

Stay well,


Mac said...

Very best wishes Captain. Be cool.