4 Aug 2012

And Then We Got Some Gongs….

We seem to be doing very well getting some Olympifest medals at the moment. Congratulations to all concerned.

I feel our good lady Queen's going to need a new knighting stick come honours giving out time. Could be a long day for the old gal.

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of seconds faster, a length ahead, a meter higher, longer, further, doesn't come into the equation for us. We won!!! I would imagine that a certain young girl, who swims jolly fast for that lot wot wear red, would be looking on with raised eyebrows, thinking, "Wait just a rice pickin' minute here! When I did good they said I did bad stuff and, like, totally spoiled my really big day!" {A basket of herring is classed as bad stuff?} Just a personal thought is all it be.

And the BBC are surely only a few days away from getting the gold for Gushing Gibberish. {Must find TV User Manual. Must find OFF switch.}

Quote; David Thompson.

"Ball handling and dribbling are my strongest weaknesses."

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