1 Aug 2012

And Then They Did It Their Way….

What's going on now then? Looks like the badmintonees don't want to badmintonate and someone done snuck a dolphin into the big pool to do that fast swimming stuff. So what's going on?

According to the news, team GB got a gold today. Congratulations to the long, thin boat propelling fast folk. I guess they'll get Sir hoods or Madam hoods, the sale of long, thin boats will sail out the door and it'll all be declared a brilliant return for the nine, ten, eleven, twelve or whatever big billion Pounds investment. Who cares, it's not like it's our money is it. Is it?

Other than that, watching the news an' such, confirms her indoors belief that no one can report failure, coming second, third or even last, with such hysterical happiness as us Brits. She reckons even the empty seats applaud and cheer as our guy or guyess creeps up to the line. Sad old pair are we?

On the other hand, as a fine alternative to the Olympifest shenanigans, it's good to see Twin Peaks is running again. Remember that? First time round, the whole country would come to a stop for Twin Peaks. It was one of those, 'Where were you for the last episode' sort of things. Strangely, after any episode, you could ask anyone what had just happened and all you'd get would be one of those, 'Sorry, just stepped out for a moment' looks.

STOP PRESS; It was mentioned, very briefly, on the evening news that His Eminence, The Most Noble Lord, Sir Bradley Wiggins, OBE {Sainthood pending} bike rider to the Crown Heads of Europe, just got a gold.

Quote; Charles Shackleford.

"Left hand, right hand, it doesn't matter. I'm amphibious."

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