29 Aug 2012

And Then It's Passed….

The August holiday is over and done for another year.
"Shall we go out then?" said I to her.
"In this weather? You nuts?" said she to me.
And so it was we spent the long weekend loafing, semi-comatose, on the sofa.
August? Looking out the window, more like mid Novebuary.

As a past traveling man, it's interesting to hear we desperately need another runway down Heathrow way.

Okay, it's a good few years now, well pre-new terminal days, that I last passed through Heathrow, but I don't remember tremendous overcrowding. Busy yes, overcrowded, no.

The news keeps telling us that close to two hundred thousand passengers use Heathrow every day. They manage to make it sound like they're all hoping to get on the same flight owing to the lack of runways.

Seems we need this extra runway so we can improve trade with, principally, China. Sorry, don't get it. Surely, if you had something to sell to China you'd make it your business to get there. If you were a Chinaman and wanted to buy something from us you'd damn well get here. I just can't see our, or their captains of industry sitting in their offices, gnashing their teeth wishing someone would build another runway at Heathrow so's they could get there/here and make money. I'm obviously missing something.

Me? I'd spend the money making what they've got more user friendly. That'd help.

See? A recent post with no mention of a tablet. Okay, just this then. They really are good fun. Useful? I didn't say that; I said good fun. Remember the post about back-up stuff and how to preserve your memories? Right out of the wild blue yonder comes this.

Quote; Monica Dickens.

“The limitless jet-lag purgatory of Immigration and Baggage at Heathrow.”

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