23 Aug 2012

And Then I Had A Wait….

Yesterday, late afternoon, my web-a-net connection became increasingly fragile 'till it finally collapsed totally.

Tried again this morning to find the same thing happening 'till, again, it died. Looks like I need to make a call to the technical people then.

This call was answered, amazingly, first ring, by a bright and breezy sounding lady who informed me her name was Liz and enquired how she could be of assistance. I was ready for this, this not being the first call requesting help, and so launched into my pre-prepared preamble comprising detailed information regarding the problem, my details – phone number, first line of address, post code, name, height, colour of eyes and on and on.

"Thank you for that," she responded brightly and breezily, "I'll put you through to one of our technicians."
Damn!! Thought I was already there!

Now things started to get more realistic with a recorded recording informing me my call and costume were important to them, however, I still only rated a place at number seven in the queue.

This queue was taking an awful long time to move along so, while waiting, I continued to re-boot, re-set and generally re-fiddle with settings an' stuff.

By the time I got to position four, things connection related seemed to be improving.

By the time I got to position three, things were looking almost back to normal.

By the time I got to position 'You're next buddy. You ready? you better be ready.', things were, embarrassingly, back to normal.

What to do now? Hang up? No. How about giving a bit back?

"Hi, my name's Mark. Sorry about the delay. How can I help you this morning?"

"This is your customer. My custom is important to your business. Sadly, I'm busy right now and you're presently number eight in the queue of people I'd like to talk to. Please hold."

This got the following response from Mark, and I quote in full;

We moved rapidly onwards and Mark soon became my new telephone talking best friend. But that was this morning.

If you're reading this anywhere other than over my shoulder, then Mark and I've cracked it. 'Till next time.

Quote; Fran Lebowitz.

“The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink.”

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