15 Jul 2012

And Then An Olympic Idea….

I didn't know this, but according to the news, the Olympics are about to start down London way. It also seems that preparations, in certain quarters, aint going too smoothly.

We sorted passport control the other day. But the security issue? No idea. 'They' sowed the seeds of fear and now the more they increase security, the more insecure the timorous will feel. Part of a plan you think? Be afraid, be very afraid.....

Anyhoo, I read a scathing commentary on the games the other day, where and by whom I can't remember, but one of the comments was exactly wot I'd thunk about just hours before. From this it's obvious there are two* people with this idea and that's a start, right?

Here we go then; Hay!! Come back!! I'm only just starting.

How much, all up, will these games cost us tax payers by close of play? What will be the future usage of all the facilities built for all the runny, jumpy, swimmy, throwie people? Going on past grandiose follies, not a whole hell of a lot. What do we get? A huge building site for years, some sport for a few days, lots of visitors and total chaos for the poor folk who live in any sort of proximity to all the 'fun'.

Anyone believing us investors will see a profit, or even break-even even, and see all those venues used close to capacity on a weekly basis for the foreseeably future, are, quite frankly, bag men or politicians.

You still with me? I hope so 'couse this is where it starts to get good. Next paragraph. Here we go.

Now, there's a country not too far away that's totally bust. This country also happens to be the country wot invented the Olympics. This country also happened to host the games in 2004 so already has runny, jumpy, swimmy stuff built that's presently running on empty.

You see where this is going? You do? That's three* of us now then. That's right, give Greece, the birth place of the Olympiad, the games for ever and ever and ever. Every four years, {why not every three?} money pouring in, everything's in place, so no money pouring out. Stop money pouring out of all the other, broke countries trying to out-do the last broke country that tried to out-do the last broke country that…… It's all in Greece, and it comes complete with a little sport related history.

This will also eliminate the 'need' for the leeches who roam the world, on our buck, lobbying, negotiating, bribing, hand greasing, wining, dining and first classing in an attempt to 'win' the bid for the next money laundering jamboree and with the games in one place all the time, it has to reduce the risk of corruption. Note I didn't say 'eliminate'.

Why stop there? Asian games? African games? European games? Youth games? Football World Cup? All in Greece. All major sporting events held in Greece. Greece becomes the sporting, holiday, olive growing, goat herding centre of the universe!! The way global warming's warming up, give it a couple or four years and the Winter Olympics could be there!!

World records? Well, they would be true records. All achieved in the same place, same venue and under similar weather conditions – on a level playing field so to speak. Nobody claiming altitude beat them, or, "I did my best but, hay, you try running really, really fast in Atlantis!!"

What could possibly be the downside? Ego trips and briefcases full of bank notes for our 'betters' I guess. So that's an end to that then.

Quote; Charles Barkley.

"Curling is not a sport. I called my grandmother and told her she could win a gold medal because they have dusting in the Olympics now."

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