26 Jun 2012

And Then In And Out Again….

Still striving to get back on an even keel and the head cold lingers yet. Contrary to what I said the other day, I may, just may, get a little symphony, even sympathy, from any of you guys who have suffered from the tooth extraction coupled with head cold misery thingy. And you ladies? Please stop. Your tears of laughter may drip onto your keyboard and short the sucker out, okay?

A week or so ago I had bank problems, heart stopping at the time but now happily resolved, and I see that a huge chunk of the population are now having a tad of a do with their bank. {Wouldn't be a stop-gap owing to liquidity problems would it? Of course not!! Stupid boy.}

All this bank stuff reminded me of the clip wot I've put up below for your entertainment……

The tablet and E-book reading looking machine? Cool. Really cool. The weather where I be? Cool. Really cool. Oh, and wet. Really wet.

Quote; Dan Quayle.

“Bank failures are caused by depositors who don't deposit enough money to cover losses due to mismanagement.”

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