25 May 2012

And Then, A Tad More Gardening….

Sorry about that but I slipped out and, as I've mentioned before on similar occasions, with advancing years, I forgot to slip back in.

Which, for some strange reason, reminded me of the Emo Philips quote, "I was the kid next door's imaginary friend."

That gardening stuff has taken a serious turn since her indoors started watching, nightly on TV, that garden festival thingy wot's going on darn in Londonistan right now.

This has led to daily visits to various garden centers to buy stuff to plant and to, eventually, watch die. Tomorrow I'm going to plant small plastic bags of money, if there's any left that is. Doing that, at least I'll have something to harvest, come autumn, to help with heating bills.

Visits to garden centers isn't too high on my, "What shall we do today?" list although occasional visits are bearable. You know, once a year sort of thing, to see just how much stuff there is out there you never realized you didn't need for the garden.

The thing that throws me is the bewildering assortment of bags of compost on offer and the equally bewildering assortment of 'special offers' relating to said compost.

What to do. Anyone else do what I did? I spent an unreasonable amount of time going up and down the compost collection trying to figure the best deal, getting ever more dizzy, and eventually settled for the deal which offered the biggest collection of big numbers.

It wasn't 'till we were in the car heading for home I realized the big number deal I had settled for was the 'Buy Three for the Price of Six' deal. Should've been a politician.

Quote; Robert Brault.

"In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy."

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