3 Jan 2012

And Then I Did A Boot….

A quick post as I have laptop problems. Looks like a virus of some description as it seems to be running a little hot and has a chesty cough. It’s proving to be a tough little sucker to shift.

Her indoors, after watching me getting a tad more frustrated with every passing minute, suggested I give it a boot. As nothing else seemed to be working I took her advice.

After several minutes of booting the laptop round the room, and noting that things seemed to be getting progressively worse with each kick, my little nest of vipers helpfully pointed out that, by booting, she meant shutting down and restarting the beast.

That I did, and I may be on the right track now. Could this be the start of the day of the machines? Could he and Hal, Hal being him that runs the car, be plotting something together?

Maybe I need a new computer. Or, better still, one of they tablet looking thingies?
Stop right there!! Cool my jets! Do I need a new computer? Or a tablet?
Of course I do.
Say what?
Oh, sorry, of course I don’t. Although a tablet would be nice.
How? It’s just a big mobile phone, right?
Right, but think of all the stuff I could do with one.
Okay, what could I do with one?
I could type this on it for starters.
I can hold it with one hand and poke an on-screen keyboard with one finger of the other hand?
I’d get the hang of it in time and I might do better than the rubbish I type with two fingers.
I really believe that?
Well then, what else then. I could surf the web-a-net with it couldn’t I?
So what I'm saying is I can’t do that with this laptop then?
Of course I can, but.....
But what?
But… wait a minute…..
But there’s apps for tablets - thousands of apps.
Whoa! That sounds, like, so cool. Do I even know what an 'app' is then?
I’ve no idea what an 'app' is, but there’s thousands of ‘em and anyway, some apps are free apps. How about that then!
Please, gimme a break!!
Right. A big plus is that a tablet’s 3G. Did I know that?
And 3G is?
3G’s, err.... Look, that's not important right now. Can I at least go and play with one in the shiny stuff shop?
I’d rather I didn’t because you know how weak I am when it comes to shiny stuff. It soon seems to belong to me.
Oh come on! Just for a quick play?
If I'm good, I’ll think about it next time I go shopping.
Thanks, and it’ll just be to try one, I promise.
I promise?
I promise. {Yeah, right. He he he.}
Watch it fella! I heard that bit in brackets!!
I heard that? Damn! I should've whispered that bit to me.

Quote; Nathaniel Borenstein.

“The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents.”

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