10 Dec 2011

And Then We're Out. Or In But Out. Or….

So what's this EU watchama-call-it all about then? What's Davy 'No Pals' up to? "Hay you lot! NO!! Okay? NO!!" No to wot then? Smoky mirrors you think? I'm sure the actual meaning of that 'no' will become clear in the fullness of time, but I do have this spooky feeling we may all be 'assuming the position' by the time the truth dawns.

And you guys down in Durban trying to stop it getting hot; whatever you did, it seems you've nailed it. Two weeks of talking down there and the temperatures have plummeted up here. Well done, but please, can you stop it now? It's cold enough already.

Did the news reach you all down in Durban that one of our windmills caught fire and another fell down during the recent high winds? Before you leave, you'd all better get on the same page and issue a statement to the effect that these disasters were NOT due to high winds. Wot really did it was the high concentration of Co2 contained in said high winds. That'll work. Why not? It's no more goony than any other climate theory is it?

Never mind, it is the pantomime season, right? "Dave!! Behind you!!"

This comes from quite a while before some time in the past. No need to do that foot taping thingy as this track's done gone an' done it for you. You can almost smell the wood smoke in the pubs of yore.


Just caught this in the sky. You reckon someone up there's giving you a hint Mr Huhne? And I use the salutation…… Oh, never mind.


Quote; Oscar Wild.

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

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