10 Nov 2011

And Then, Off I Go Again….

I'll be preparing for a trip to places far, far, far away. By way of a change I'm heading for Kuala Lumpur, or, as us international jet setters cunningly and very cleverly abbreviate it, KL.

It's ages since I was in KL and, interestingly, it's also ages since I ate a grapefruit. So there you go.

One thing I'm quietly confident of is the breakfast guy will be there. Quite possibly already there, ensuring the hotplates are locked at cool and the bain-maries are even too cool to bathe a baby.

As it's a grey, miserable looking evening, stick your feet up the fire, listen in and drift away…. It's a link as it's one of those, 'Hay! Not in your country buddy!!' thingies. Don't really understand that; it don't move so do it matter? Anyhoo, it's just a bit of mellowness for a murky evening.

Talking of fires.... Wot? Yes we were, 'stick your feet up it', remember? Talking of fires, the coal effect gas fire and surround is all in and done and, believe me, using the remote control, from the comfort of the sofa, with no crawling about in front of the thing, will never get old this winter. Assuming I can afford the gas. Pretty sure wind won't get it.

Quote; Chris Chocola.

"For far too long, America has been without a comprehensive energy plan, and today consumers are paying the price - literally - at the pumps and in their heating bills."

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