7 Nov 2011

And Then I Found I Liked This….

You seen the Berocca TV advert with those lumberjockery looking guys? Oh, purlease, gimme a beak, of course you watch some TV.

Never mind, you like the advert sound? Me do, so me did a search thingy and found this extended version. I like it. Tap-tap-tap goes my hoof. Both hoofs in fact. Or hooves. So the question is; really, how sad am I?

No moving bits by the way, it's just click an' listen.

You detect a touch of Mr Mclarens' Buffalo Gals in there? No? It's just me then…

You think I've tried that Berocca stuff? No, not at this time. Looks to me like it may not contain any fat, nicotine or alcohol.

Quote; Raymond Rubicam.

"the value of an ad is in inverse ratio to the number of times it has been used."

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