21 Nov 2011

And Then I Was There And Back….

Back now. It was a toughie this time and never did get a proper sleep.

The travel? Getting there was okay with just a forty minute delay leaving Amsterdam owing to fog and planes being stacked far apart. Coming home, well, lucky. The fog came down the day after I be getting home day.

May I offer my sincere symphony to all of you who were stranded. All those of you who have ever been stranded at an airport will know what an up-lifting experience that can be.

The breakfast guy? He was there and excelled himself. Unless individually cling film wrapped fried eggs are the norm in KL.

The only other head bender was the hotel, which went something like this. hotel reception on floor 11. Room on floor 13. Breakfast guy, in the lobby. To get where I needed to be, proceed to floor 7, change elevators and, ever upwards, proceed to floor 24. Just about had it cracked by day five but, on the bright side, I sure learned a whole whizz of new elevator music.

More sleep needed. Later. Bu-by.

Quote; Monica Dickens.

The limitless jet-lag purgatory of Immigration and Baggage at Heathrow.

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