30 Nov 2011

And Then, An Amazing Invention….

As the mercury drops ever more quickly, there've been several posts around the posting community regarding days of yore. I touched on the same some time ago; you know, ice on the bedroom windows – inside, the bliss of central heating and similar stuff.

Today I drifted, nothing else to do, so I drifted, minus boat, back to the typical home bed geometry of my youth.

Mattress, fluffy thing on top of mattress, cotton sheet on top of fluffy thing, a bolster, pillows, a cotton sheet, fluffy blankets to a number dependant on season, to a winter maximum of two; "You want another blanket? No. You don't want to grow up soft do you?" On top came the eiderdown. This was the body heat retention unit but were usually so thin as to be just another bit o' kit to sort out in the morning.

This whole set-up was covered with a bead spread which served no purpose at all other than to make the bed look nice through the day{?} and add twenty minutes to morning bed making time.

And one more thing more to sort out after another unfortunate, cold induced, bed wetting incident. Pardon? Did I wet the bed? Of course I did, on rare occasion, but I got it beat a couple of years ago. Get it beat for what? Another five or so years and I'll probably be back there……

And then along came that most wondrous of inventions; The Continental Quilt. Which fairly quickly became the known as the Duvet. What the 'T's for I have no idea as the word's pronounced Duvae. I think. Forget that TOG thingy, You only need two; thin = summer; thick = winter. Simples. All the other kit? Blankets gone, bead spread gone, top cotton sheet gone.

Back in the day, would I have been any warmer under one of these wonders, and not had the need to roll into a golf ball sized seeker of warmth? No. But they are definitely a bed makers dream. Climb out, give him a shake, lay him on the bed – job done.

Anyhoo, that's where the head went today and wot it did while there. This day of mass strikes and demonstrations which caused not so much as a ripple through our day.

Quote; John Ciardi.

"Early to bed and early to rise probably indicates unskilled labour."

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