23 Oct 2011

And Then I Thought, It's Worth A Shot….

Still in amongst the project and trying desperately not to get into a nine line bind.

You ever have an idea and thought to yourself what a super idea it is? Then, when you get started, you change your thinking and realize, too late, it's probably the worstest ever idea ever in the whole history of ideas? This is one of those.

Enough. I'm getting there and while checking out the price of granite chippings, a bunch of what I want, I came across a firm that'll deliver to your door. Seems like a deal, as, I'm guessing, two tons would really rip up your trouser pockets.

Interestingly, there was a bit on the order page requesting, 'Instructions if delivered and the receiver is not home.' I gave this some thought and decided, 'Push through the letter box.' was possibly not the best idea. But then I thunk to myself, how about this then, 'Please spread over the marked-out area to a depth of two inches. Thank you very big.' Worth a try you reckon?

A mellow sound to see you into Monday. Great whistling jobby if you're a paper boy, by-the-by.

Quote; Mac Davis.

"One of my real goals was to hear someone whistling a song I'd written."

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