15 Oct 2011

And Then I Be Digging….

The reason I haven't been playing out of an evening lately is 'couse I got the goofy idea to dig out tracks for a car hard standing. Am I nuts or wot? Really, at my age? Who do I think I are? Superthingy or someone?

I'll tell you more when it's done. If you don't here from me occasionally, assume the digging and such did for this old guy and just delete me from your RSS feed list. What a sad end, to be deleted from an RSS feed.

Before I go, this is new to me, then again so's Mayonnaise in a plastic bottle. Anyhoo, try this. Go on, try it, it's Saturday after all….

Have you jumped ahead and done the music clicky thing? Damn. For you wot hasn't, click the bit at the end of this bit first, then the music, so while you listen you can read this.

Wait!! Wait!! Click the music first THEN the reading bit. That way, the music will start as you start reading. You've done what? Never mind. Just do it how you want; you'll enjoy the music and the read? Read with grinding teeth and wonder about the utter balloons that are 'leading' us. Leading us where? One do wonder does one?

Quote; Mark Twain.

“I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.”

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