12 Sep 2011

And Then There Was Support….

Possibly not the type of support you're expecting to be featured by ol' Foggy. My back is close to un-used since I got the remote electrical socket thingies, and with a new gas fire due for delivery, complete with full remote control, back use will be reserved for pulling on socks. Okay, and pulling them off. The socks.

The support in question relates to the tennis – the US Open. If you've been following this event, I'm sure you'll agree there's been some truly great tennis over the past two weeks.

Right, it's the men's final later today and, as in all matches, I'll be supporting Nadal. Why do I support Nadal? No other reason than 'her indoors' supports Nadal thus I do like-wise to secure serenity on the sofa. So far? So-so.

I actually have two modes of support, like the New Zealand rugby 'T' shirt of old;
For reasons stated above, I support Nadal. I also support anyone playing Murray. Which is a shame as Murray is one of ours, and is, without doubt, a pretty good player. I just can't bring myself to support a petulant, shouty, sweary, mumbly, sulky mouth breather. Sorry, but while we're here, his mummy looks, to me, like a scary, thin lipped harridan too.

Am I just being a grumpy old man? Probably, and as he has earnings in excess of lots of millions, with really big money sponsorship and advertising deals on top, what can you say? Carry on raking it in and annoying me I guess. Does he even know, or care, that he annoys me? There you go then…

Congratulations, of course, to Samantha Stosur on her victory.

Quote; Harry Carpenter.

"It's quite clear that Virginia Wade is thriving on the pressure now that the pressure on her to do well, is off."

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