15 Sep 2011

And Then There Was A Hush….

And the hush will continue for a couple or four days yet. Why? Remember the fully remote operated gas fire that's on the way? 'Her indoors' and I decided that a nice new fire surround would be in order. Hay, are they expensive or wot?

"You could make a sullound same as that." she said.
"I'm sure I could." I responded. Un-thinking.
"Well?" she glared challengingly.
"Right!" I proclaimed acceptingly.

Thus the hush. Pulling out the old? Easy, almost fun. Almost. What was revealed behind? Scary. Very. Pretty much scary squared I'd say.
"We need a builder!" I panicked.
"Lubbish? You can do that and you cost nothing."
"What?!! Sorry, right!"

Anyhoo we're, that being me, as I'm all by my own and on my self, getting into those twirly-whirly holdy up thingies for the putting in of lintels an' stuff in an attempt to prevent the side of the house coming down. Too late and no time for brick laying classes, but she's getting the hang of it.

Thus the hush. See y'all in a while, either from here or temporary accommodation. I wish me luck.

Oh, and there's a kitten periodically roaming the garden. From whence it be coming I don't know, but it reminded me of the old joke; "My parents taught me to swim when I was three. The swimming was easy. Getting out of the sack was a bitch."

Please, this doesn't mean I'm thinking of sacking the kitten in the traditional method. However, I see 'the little nest of vipers' is preparing a medium sized cooking pot… To be safe, I'll just take the noodles tonight.

Quote; Peter De Vries.

….I imagined asking her whether she liked Le Corbusier, and her replying, 'Love some – with a little Benedictine if you've got it.'

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