7 Aug 2011

And Then I was Back To The Rain….

Imagine my disappointment with you all when I got home. Last time was a bit of a shambles, remember? What do I find this time? The bloody piggy bank's empty. What a shambles. There's a simple answer to this of course. 'They' need more money? Why, instead of taxing us at twenty percent, don't they just take it all and leave us with twenty percent? Would that be enough for them? No? I'm beat then.

It's pick up new car day tomorrow. Hope it comes in a box. If it does, it's going to be a big box with the promise of all kinds of fun and also the promise of all kinds of black looks from 'her indoors' 'couse there's a big box in the middle of the living room with loud space ship, submarine, tank, bomber, racing car type noises emanating from within.

You're probably thinking I'm way too old for that sort of stuff and that it's time I grew up. Let me tell you, I tried that 'grown up' game and I didn't rate it one little bit. Besides, if living in an imaginary world with pretend friends is good enough for politicians, it's good enough for me.

As I'm a tad tired, I'm taking early doors. Don't wake me unless you see someone kicking off a local Tottenham type thingy, okay? Thanks.

Talking of Tottenham, just on the news that the rioters dispersed owing to heavy rain. Dispersed owing to heavy rain? So we're rubbish at rioting as well. No hope for a middle class revolution then.
'It's all set then; we'll kick off tomorrow.'
'Are you sure that's wise? Have you seen the weather forecast? It's looking decidedly inclement.'

Quote; Martin Luther King Jr.

“A riot is the language of the unheard.”

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