19 Jun 2011

And Then There Were Windmill Warnings….

Hope you enjoy this. No? How about this then. No?

Sad thing is, we know all that. Sadder thing is, my pal ‘Propeller Head’ doesn’t seem to. That last bit? I honestly don’t believe he doesn’t have the merest hint of a clue of an impending problem with those windy thingies. He HAS to know. So what’s going on then? It can’t all be about the money can it? Even with money there’s got to be a point when you have to say, ‘Whoa, enough already. This is getting embarrassing!!’ Isn’t there? So what’s going on? Control? Must be control then. And money…

One day we will run out of oil and gas, for sure. One day. Not long ago we ran out of bears to kill for cloths but we found alternatives ’till someone invented sheep, then they could wear new cloths every year without killing the donor.

Remember the guy who first came along and pointed out that if you cut a tree down, trimmed off all the sticky out bits, then did it again and again, then lay one on top of the other, a few times, then covered the top with the cut off sticky out bits, you ended up with a pretty snug place to live. Far better than a draughty, damp cave full of bats an’ bugs.

You can almost hear the cave cluster idiot can’t you?
can’t use the wood for shelter!! If we all did that we’d be close to ‘peak wood’! How will we cook and keep warm then?” You know what? Something else came along.

And so with gas and oil – there will be affordable energy replacements found, given time, but I’m fairly sure wind, via twirly whirly thingies, won’t play any major part in it. Other than in the heads, along with that infuriating buzzing sound, of the village idiots. The humane race is pretty damn resourceful when left alone. Or pushed by necessity.

See how I didn’t mention Co2?

However, where wot I be right now, it be cloudy, rainy, and pretty damn coldy. Spookily, no wind.

Let’s have a wind song then, eh? Lots of versions out there. Of note, The Corries and Richard Thompson, but this one worked for me. One of these versions should send shivers down your spine. Love it.

You reckon those old boys in the clip would’ve appreciate windmills in their fishing grounds or by their crofts? As an island, we were quite good at the fishing weren’t we? Then the government came along to lend a hand. Was it Reagan who said the scariest words you’ll ever hear are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.’

Thanks for the link in the last comments. My all-time favourite of that ilk has to be this;


Quote; Gyles Brandreth

Mother; “Bobby’s teacher says he ought to have an encyclopaedia.”
Father; ”Let him walk to school like I had to.”

Franklin P. Adams.

Nothing is more responsible for ‘the good old days’ than a bad memory.”

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