21 Jun 2011

And Then There Was A Snappy Mill….

Yo!! ‘Propeller Head’!! Over here!! have your Civil Serpents hissed the name of this Web site to you? Why don’t you get a grownup to click on the link below for you. Don’t worry about all the big words, just skip those ‘couse there’s lots of pictures for you to look at. You’re what? Too busy with other stuff? What other stuff? Oh, riiiight. Okay, have a look as soon as Scooby-Doo finishes then.

News110619_18_DSC_6479Blow along to No Tricks Zone to view the whole sorry sight. Promise not to laugh though.

From the pictures it looks to me like, when they were built, the man with the spanner didn’t follow the oilfield first rule of spanner use; ‘Make it Roughneck tight then one turn more.’

While you’re on the Web-a-Net Mr. PH, here’s a philosophy lesson{?} just right for your level. Please, by all means finish watching Sponge Bob first.

Quote; John Florio.

“Wisdom sails with wind and time”

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