27 Jun 2011

And Then, Again, You’ve Got To Wonder….

Some interesting reading. Interesting and depressing; sorry.

This is truly sad.

“Just when you think our Government's obsession with wind power could reach no further heights of absurdity, we learn that it now plans for us all to shovel billions of pounds into the pockets of the Irish wind industry.”

Anybody know what’s going on? ‘Propeller Head’, care to tell us all about this cunning plan? Is it also true you’re trying to stop the power companies itemizing bills that would show the price for energy used and the subsidy price for that windy green stuff? That’s how the bills should look but it would most likely be you and your departments death knell.

Whoa, don’t forget the ‘back-up’!! You can read this stuff ‘till your head hurts can’t you? Like these China peoples heads.

This all seems to continue moving ever onwards, past the point of the ridiculous towards the totally absurd. How have we got to this point? There’s possibly a clue here; see if you can wrestle with this question;

Q: Teachers organised activities for three classes of 24 pupils and four classes of 28 pupils. What was the total number of pupils involved?

How’d you get on? Okay? I should jolly well think so too. It’s not that much of a toughie is it? I mean, who couldn’t answer a primary school kids question, right? Oh no. Please, no.

There is though, through all this ‘you couldn’t make it up’ stuff, just the tiniest hint of a happy day approaching.

Quote; Margaret Mead.

"My grandmother wanted me to have an education, so she kept me out of school.”

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