8 May 2011

And Then I Was Up And Away….

Not much fun yesterday wot with a crack of cock crow check-in and a freezing flight and with Delta. This is only the fourth time I’ve flown with Delta but from what I’ve seen they seem to have cornered the market for the most miserable domestic staff available to the industry. Add to that the fact you have to pay for strong drink and you’ll get my drift regarding fun had.

Anyhoo, back to the start. After checking my bag the nice bag checking in person said I could use the lounge. I thought that was damn white of him seeing we’d only just met. I thanked him but pointed out the obvious, that as I was about to fly I couldn’t take him up on his generous offer. However, if he gave me his address I’d pop round, with ‘Her Indoors’, when I got back.

Looking a tad surprised and alarmed, he replied, ‘What? No, you idio.. No sir, I mean you can use the lounge through in departures. You can you know you being what you call a frequent flyer and what we call frequently fleeced.’

I could see he was just busting for the flight to close so he could get with his buddies and tell them he was confident that by days end he would brake all records as, by only a heart beat after O-five hundred o’clock AM in the morning, with only his second customer, he was already fifty percent into the previous best for ‘dealing with total loonies’ in a day.

Lastly, but not leastly, and before I loose this fragile connection, try this bit on a site I’ve just found via Witterings.

Quote; With thanks to Dave G.

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

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