21 Mar 2011

And Then There Were Links….

Firstly up is this link left by Mr. Anonymous in the comments. I’ve bobbed it out here in case you don’t bumble into the comments bit. She’s a good ‘un.

Sir, I agree, they do look cute riding the hill lines. Next time you're driving by them and they happen to be turning, pull over and take a walk over to them if you haven't done so before. As well as looking cute, you'll find they give off a really relaxing brain rattling racket as well.

By the by, if you use Firefox, you may need this add-on, if your eyes are as burned out as wot mine are, as the author of the linked bit seems to be using font size one.

Secondly, this one over at Watts Up With That. Not sure about the video when you consider the total number of fans in the area, but the part relating to the derelicts is interesting. That bit I can see coming, right quick, to a windmill near you.

Quote; Carol A. Overland.

“What the wind gives, line loss taketh away.”


Anonymous said...

Hi Foggy,

Glad you liked the gridlock link, I must say it was a surprise to me - I guess all that excess fluctuating power will have to be diverted to pumping water uphill, making ice, or simply heating huge resistor banks to balance the loads on the grid.

As for the brain rattling noise, I'm surprised about this - I actually went and stood underneath one of these big fans near twenty years ago when they were real novelties - I could hardly hear it at all. Perhaps they are all now required to be fitted with noisemakers for the benefit of blind people or kite enthusiasts?

Finally, Firefox has neat keyboard shortcut: CTRL+ (that is press and hold 'Ctrl', then press the '+' key) - go on, go on, try it....

Mac said...

If you bob along here there are a few clips of windmills demonstrating the noise aspect.
Multiply this by many mills and it must be murder living in proximity to a mill farm.

And a clip from here;

"(Maybe, Sir Jonathan, I should give you the phone number of the poor Welsh chap who has been advised that he should now sleep with his windows shut at night to cut out the noise of the wind farm which has destroyed the value of his property and ruined his retirement)."

Mac said...

Ctrl + works just fine, thanks. And guess what? Ctrl - goes the other way!! How cool is that?