7 Mar 2011

And Then I Filled Up At The Pumps….

Shall we leave Huhne the loon alone today? First day back at school for him after the weekend an’ all?

Okay. How about the price of petro and diesel then? I just filled up this morning and it’s already a terrifying experience without all the doomy talk of even higher prices just round the corner. {That car stuff has been an expensive ‘hobby’ for ever though, hasn’t it? Easy money for them in the bubble.}

With my wallet empty it was good to see that young scamp Osborne on the news telling me how he’s been ‘listening’ to us all an’ that, and is possibly planning to throw us the odd copper back. How do these complete and utter whizz-bangs manage to sleep at night?

Again, this is pretty obvious to most of us but Dizzy does a doozy here. Nicely nut-shelled Sir.

Okay, I can’t leave ‘Propeller Head’ alone. Please give this a moment of your time. Then pop over here for the UK kicker.

It’ll be a happy day when Huhne junior has learned to read. A happier day to see him decorating a redundant windmill.

Quote; Jay Leno.

"There was a sign at the gas station near my house that said, 'We take Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, and American Express.' After I filled up they took my Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, and my American Express card."

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