16 Feb 2011

And Then There Was A Nice Gift….

‘My little nest of vipers’ has been nipping my head for a while now about the tatty, rapidly disintegrating state of the floor mop. My response to her mop observations is usually something helpful along the lines of, ”And?”

Anyhoo, the other day, it being Valentines Day, I said to her, get ready and we’ll go to town to get you a nice Valentines Day gift. This, as you can probably imagine, got her pretty excited.

As we wondered our way through the great big shop, her excitement noticeably and dramatically waned as I paused our perambulations in order to ponder the floor mop display.
”Oh, wow!! Wadda ya’ think of those beauties then eh?” I said encouragingly. She said something in foreign which, given the number of families in close proximity, was probably best said in foreign.

Say what? Oh, come on, gimme a break!! You really think I’m that bad? Do you? Please! Of course I let her choose the mop she liked best. I mean, it’s her gift right?

The shop assisting people weren't too impressed with my request for gift wrapping it though, so we had to settle for a plastic bag over the working, moppy end.

I do, however, realize that, girls being girls, one act of kindness always leads to them wanting more, any day now I just know it’s going to start, “I need a new bucket. I need a new bucket.” Know what I mean?

No big deal really. It’s her birthday soon. They should be able to gift wrap a bucket.

Quote; Jonny Carson.

“The worst gift is a fruitcake. There is only one fruitcake in the entire world, and people keep sending it to each other.”


Caratacus said...

Understand fully Mac..

I dread hearing a phrase like, "Those coasters don't really GO - do they?" (and it's no good my pretending that the question is rhetoric either) - before you know it a new fitted kitchen is being priced up.

Dare you to play this in ear-shot of your beloved.. (I'm a v. bad man!)


Mac said...

Took you up on your dare.....
"That's a nice song. He saying what I think he saying?" with a dark look.
Which was followed by one of my, "Errrr...." moments.