15 Feb 2011

And Then There Was A Clean Up….

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Enjoy that? How sad can it get? We really do need a Cairo moment.

Anyhoo, after the early winter of severe gullible warming we went through, and my car living on the road - no fancy driveways or garages for me - it was time to find a car wash as 'her indoors' wasn't interested in doing it. Me? Are you nuts? Far too cold. And I have my delicate hands to consider.

I eventually found three young lads doing the biz in part of a supermarket car park so I joined the queue.

'Jacks Hand Car Wash', the sign said. It was gratifying to see three of our fine countries young lads giving it a go and working thusly on a truly cold, miserable day.

This illusion was shattered when they enquired if there was, indeed, a car hidden in the mud I was sitting in. Their accents made it apparent that the 'Jack' part of the sign was obviously short for something like Jackauwski. This I could relate to.

Usual procedure; roll up to boy number one who soaps him up via a high pressure water and soap gun, blasts him off, then roll along to boy number two. Number two soaps and rubs him up again, using sponges held in alarmingly blue hands, then rinses him off with another high pressure gun.

Roll down to boy number three who leathers him off and cleans the windows, gives him one last leather down and requests the fee by holding out equally scarily blue hands.

As a note of interest, boy number three was using an old cloths mangle to squeeze out his chammy. How about that then?

As I said, the weather was bitterly cold and windy resulting in the three boys looking very wet and cold. I do mean very wet and cold. But they done good.

In fact, I was so impressed I felt I should give the boys a really good tip.
"Would you like a good tip?" I enquired of boy number three.
"That'd be nice." replied blue boy number three shiveringly.
"Here ya’ go then. Get yourselves waterproof jackets and trousers."

Quote; Henry Youngman.

“My brother was a lifeguard in a car wash.”

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