8 Jan 2011

And Then There Were These….

These green folk got it
But why, with all this information available for comparison with the green bits, are we not doing grown-up stuff like the Germans and so many others? Because, sadly, it seems that Propeller Head and the Forehead of Doom don’t get it.
By the way, why are you telling us Mr. Carswell? Aren’t you a member of the club that’s running stuff right now? You’ve got a Blog so you’ve got the Web-a-Net so you can find stuff just like wot we can do, right?
I would assume you’re in the same office block, for some of the time, as Propeller Head? Or at least know where he hangs out? That old looking place by the river, with the big clock, is where you all meet up now and then isn’t it?
I would also assume, seeing as you seem to think we won’t have the light to see to make stuff before too long as wind wont weally work wery well, that you could print some stuff off pointing this fact out, walk down the corridor to Propeller Heads office and drop the print-outs on him? Yes, and stay there ‘till he puts down his colouring book and reads the stuff. Or why not read it out to him? I know, I know, but you could possibly use brightly coloured puppets to keep his attention. {Note to Mr. Carswell; make copies for the Forehead of Doom while you’re at it.}
I would also humbly suggest kicking seven bells out of him/them ‘till you see the lights go on, or in our case before the lights go out.
So there you have it Mr. Carswell, if you’re sure you want to be the Light Monitor for your classroom, you’ll have to accept that the occasional kicking needs to be given out to the naughty boys. There’s some responsibility involved with being a class monitor you know. I can speak with some authority on this as I was a Milk Monitor myself once upon a long time ago.
In a nut shell. We know. Tell them.
If you don’t, I must respectfully point out that, if/when the lights do start going out, standing there pleading, “I said on my Blog this may happen!” probably won’t cut it when lamp posts are being allocated.
I did my best but just couldn’t resist nicking this from Prodicus who owns up to nicking it from here. Sorry all. Think I’ve covered all bases with that;
And so to a little playtime song, that works on various levels, for all those hooks, crooks and comic singers who’re supposedly taking care of business on our behalf. No?
Quote; Clive Aslet.
"As our continental neighbours have discovered, and we in the UK are quickly learning, the infrastructural costs needed to support wind power generation appear to hugely outweigh the advantages. It provides a trickle of green energy but is against all the principles of sustainable development."

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