15 Jan 2011

And Then I Was There….

Made it after a nice relaxing flight with a couple of three year old kids in close proximity who, apparently, hate flying, being up late, and their fellow man. Didn't seem to rate their mummy and daddy much either.

Slept good later though. Woke up, much later, feeling like I was half man, half mattress. It's also obvious the abysmal breakfast preparing person was also shipped in for my arrival.

This is the third time, in recent times, I've been over to here and I'm still not sure if it's one of the worlds biggest building sites or one of the worlds biggest demolition sites. Hard to tell what's going up and what's coming down. Either way, there seems to be a noticeable lack of 'hands-on' people involved in the upping or downing.

Which reminds me of the ex-pat at the bar one of the other times, who stated that if anyone needed one hundred percent proof aliens really did built the pyramids, they just needed to come over here and watch the locals 'working'. Never mind; nice people. The locals I mean. The ex-pat was just another ex-pat propping up another bar.

It's interesting to note, while driving around... Pardon? Oh, come on. Give you're head a shake. I'm just the passenger, okay? Where was I? ...while driving around, is that when on a three lane 'highway' they manage to use the white lines separating the three lanes - as lanes. Thus three lanes become five. Actually six or seven at times. The amazing thing is, it seems to work. Lot of horn work involved, but it seems to work.

Okay, stuff starts getting needing to be done tomorrow so, for now, little onion; that's shallot.

Quote; Henry Morgan.

"A careful driver is one who honks his horn when he goes through a red light."


Caratacus said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself Mac! Ref: your ex-pat - the ancestors of Italy built Rome and ruled an Empire, the ancestors of Tunisia built Carthage and nearly brought Rome to its knees during the Punic wars, and all this while our ancestors had yet to discover the benefits of cutlery and the use of handkerchiefs.

Mind you, there are 2.5 million blocks of stone in the Great pyramid weighing between 2 - 20+ tons each, and they were apparently quarried, dressed and positioned in 30 years. Assuming that the chaps thus employed were working 12 hours a day, 365 days a year (no time off for paternity leave or bad backs and so forth) that means a block was laid every 3 minutes. Bang. Here comes another one. Bang. Mind your fingers. Bang.

Maybe he's right about the aliens...!

Take care out there.

Mac said...

Could it be possible that aliens passed by and, using their advanced technology, and an iPhone, got hold of the original plans prior to commencement of building?
Being impressed with the scale of the project, 29 years later they decided to come see how they were getting on and what it was all about.
Noting the locals had only managed to cut three cubes of stone, of various sizes and roughness, the HAIC, or Head Alien In Charge, said, "Know what? Those boys need a hand - sorry, talking Earth, - need a tentacle with that job."
The rest, as they say, is history shrouded in mystery.