20 Jan 2011

And Then I Missed it….

Back in the UK after an interesting few days over there. Guess what, it followed me but it got there a couple of days before me. You're probably wondering what followed me. Snow. When I stepped out of the airport there was just a little light sleet. Was it cold there? It was bloody freezing!!

Coming back, take-off time wuz for four in the AM. All aboard, close the doors, announce delay 'till thick fog clears. Sitting in the plane, engine off, It was bloody freezing!! A lot of us aboard were also thinking about missed connections.

As the visibility improved, there was a further delay as one guy had had enough and got off. This created a further delay while immigration investigated.

Finally, at eight AM we took off. It was announced that Amsterdoom had been informed of our late departure and ground staff would meet the flight to inform interested parties of new onward travel arrangements. Having been there before I thought, yea, right!

There was one more delay just before take-off as we did an interesting thing. We taxied right down the runway and right the way back up again. I can only guess that as there had been snow, the driver was checking out where the pot-holes were so he knew when to hang sharp lefts or rights when whizzing along for take-off.

By the way, through the wonder of coincidence those two kids were also going home. Still no love of travel.

Upon arrival in Amsterdam and getting off the flying taxi, guess wot? No ground staff to meet and greet. I wondered along to the transfer desk to find no transfer desk any more; just a row of touch screen check in thingies. Having tried these machines, I know these machines are my enemies.

There were two ladies in attendance but they were deep in conversation and I just knew that to interrupt would result in an annoyed point at the machines and, "Just use one of those like everyone else!"

Time to use my special voice and look that gives the impression all is not well in my swede - the voice and look that'll make the ladies think, "This guys cheese has slid off his cracker. Be careful. Be very careful."

I explained my problem to one of the ladies, in my special voice and with a huge forced smile she said, too loudly and very, very slowly, that she would work the machine for me. The type of voice us Brits use when talking to foreigners who speak better English than us.

Oh, wonder of wonders, there it was! Re-booked, checked in and ready to go! The downside? Five hours to wait. Downside? Not really. Off to the lounge, like a rat out of a trap, for all the free food and drink I could handle in five hours. Must say, I came out of the lounge a lot happier than I went in.....

Remember the post when I sympathised with the folk stuck 'couse of the snow? I sympathised but just had to add Heheheheh. I must remember, when sympathising, to leave out the Hehehe bit. It will come back to bite me. Must say though, that sitting in the lounge with drink here, food close and smoking there, I thought, 'Bite me! Bite me!'

By the way, and sorry I'm late with this, please check out EUreferendom regarding the on-going rescue mission in progress to get the ships and crews out of the ice. Our own MSM seem to have no interest in this drama.

Quote; Lewis Black.

"It's 2003. Why can't I Teleport?"

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